Appropriate Foods and Menu for the Reception

wedding food

Taste and style once again play a huge role in choosing the best food for your reception. We all gravitate toward a certain style but then we want to consider our guests as well. When it comes to choosing foods for our wedding reception, think about everyone. Budget will ultimately choose for you.

Once you have chosen a caterer, then you should decide on a proper menu. Different foods and menus would be appropriate for certain times of the day. Everyone wants food to be tasty but also to be well presented. If you have guests that are allergic to anything, keep that in mind. Of course, you can’t make everyone happy but you don’t want to make anyone sick either. Guests will be talking about the food for days to come.

First, if you are a having a morning wedding, you could choose a breakfast reception or brunch. Serve breakfast items such as pancakes, bagels, croissants, muffins, omelets and fresh fruit. Of course, you can always serve wedding cake as well. If you feel it’s too early to be serving cake, then invite your guests to take some home with them. A mimosa (champagne and orange juice) would make this brunch complete. Most of the time, these are the least expensive menu items. The newly married couple may see this as a chance to get to their honeymoon sooner as it’s earlier in the day.

Second, a mid day wedding would call for lunch menu. Various salads would be tasty and light for the time of day. Perhaps finger sandwiches, pasta and fresh fruit. All light on the stomach but just enough to make guests happy. Once again, champagne or wine could be served to complete this menu. A lunch menu would be second as to expenses and still have the advantage of an earlier honeymoon getaway.

Third, if you are having a formal wedding reception, you are more then likely to choose a sit down meal. A full dinner would put a dent in your budget. Money may not be an issue. If it is an issue and you still want a full, formal meal, you can choose items that would be less expensive. A sit down meal has three full courses. The main course traditionally gives the guests three choices. Among those choices are usually a well prepared cut of beef, chicken or fish.

Perhaps you want something even cheaper or less stressful. A dessert or a hors d’ oeuvres reception is simple. The negative side of this idea is that it may not provide adequate food for your guests who have traveled. They may leave your wedding reception hungry. If you decide to go with this more simple approach, you can have just wedding cake and some finger food, cookies and candies.

The caterer will have a time appropriate menu ready for you. If you have ideas, a specific menu item you want included or food allergies, mention these to the caterer. Food can be made to look appealing to the eye. Colorful foods and the placement of them will contribute to the style of your reception in helping it look elegant and luscious.