Pros And Cons Of Holding An Engagement Ceremony

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It has become a tradition for engaged couples to hold an engagement party. But even though many follow this custom, not everyone agrees that it’s necessary. So what do you think of it? You and your beau are planning to get married. He even had you crying at that romantic and unforgettable marriage proposal he planned so well. Do you plan on throwing an engagement bash as well?

If you’re torn between the yes and no answers, here are the pros and cons of an engagement ceremony that may help you decide.

On the positive side

It’s a fun way of announcing you’re getting hitched

Isn’t merry-making with family and friends always fun? Announcing your engagement in a party is definitely more exciting than just dropping the news out of nowhere. It also shows the families of both the future bride and groom how serious they are about the whole thing. If you’re not serious, why make a big fuss about it, right?

It gives you a chance to bond with family and friends

There’s not always a chance to get-together with family and friends anymore, given everyone’s overly busy schedules. But for an engagement ceremony, people can always find time. Nobody wants to miss this, just as much as they won’t like missing the actual wedding. An engagement ceremony gives you plenty of time to catch up with old friends too, which is something that would be hard to do during the wedding as you’ll be all caught up with the wedding hullaballoo.

It provides plenty of ideas for the wedding

Believe it or not, organizing the engagement ceremony would be a big help to the wedding planning. For one, it would shed light on some wonderful ideas that you can do on your special day. Apart from that, it can also serve as a “practice” so at this point, you’d learn from the planning mistakes and you can skip those on your wedding day.


Now for the negative side

It might pressure you a bit about the wedding date

If you have an engagement ceremony, people would be expecting that the wedding bells are going to be heard really soon. But what if you want to take the time and enjoy being an engaged couple for a while? It puts some kind of pressure on the couple to set the wedding date right away.

It would mean more money out of your pockets

An engagement ceremony might not be as lavish as a wedding ceremony. But it can also be very costly. The fact that you’ll need to have food catering, entertainment, invitations and even party favours can add up all to the costs.

It’s not advisable for couples who are planning to get married shortly

You got engaged today and you’re planning to get married in two month’s time. How are you going to squeeze in there an engagement party? Planning the wedding is already stressful and it may add to your stress if you have another party coming up.

Whatever your decision is, make sure that you take plenty of time to weigh the pros and cons carefully.