Theme Weddings

thematic weddings

Sometimes traditional weddings just aren’t for everyone. The white dress, the “Top 40″ DJ that always plays “The Electric Slide” and a church may not be the dream wedding you have in mind. If a fun theme wedding may be more your speed, there are a variety of great ways to make your special day truly special, and decorations are the key.

With the use of the right decoration, you can create a theme that is an expression of you and your partner’s personality. Whether you want a romantic wedding, a fun reception, or an all around extravaganza, cleverly placed, hand picked decorations can take you every step of the way. Sometimes a little bit goes a long way, so don’t go overboard when picking out decorations for your ceremony or reception.

The first step is to decide what kind of theme wedding you want. If you are proud of your heritage, you can have a traditional wedding based around your family’s cultures. Indian and African weddings employ beautiful colors, costume and decorations and can be a fun way of having a unique wedding while celebrating your family history. Marrying someone of a different religion or from a very different background? This is also a great way to unite yourselves by blending both of your worlds together in a unique ceremony tailored just for you.

Holiday weddings can also be very fun, and easy to decorate for as well. For Christmas weddings you can create a “winter wonderland” through decorations and use fake snow, mistletoe, silver bells, pine trees and poinsettias for your theme. Halloween weddings are also fun, and you can decorate with spider webs, antique silverware, dark colors, candy corns, ghoulish masks and other scary themes. If you plan ahead, sometimes holiday decorations can be purchased at discounted prices after the season is over, making this a very affordable theme idea.

Themed weddings can also be decorated according to what you and your partner are interested in. If you two enjoy country western music, you can decorate your reception with bails of hay and cowboy hats and have a barn dance. If you and your partner enjoy going to the beach often, a luau would make a great reception and you could decorate with leis, grass skirts, sand, tropical flowers, birds and palm trees.

If you decide to do a theme wedding, you don’t have to go overboard, but use a few small and tasteful decorations instead. If you do want a traditional wedding, with a theme, then decorations will take you a long way. For example, if you are getting married in the fall, your flower girls can scatter fall leaves instead of rose petals and you can use them as decorations for the tables at your reception.

Whatever theme you decide, make it an expression of you and your partner’s relationship, and make it fun! With the use of decorations, you too can have the Medieval, biker or holiday themed wedding of your dreams!